Italian Ices

At Bellas, a wide array of refreshing Italian ices and gelatis are available every day!
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Italian Ices

Italian Ices | Bellas - Bayville, NJ

Not many people can say that they can have dessert and eat it without having to feel guilty about the calories. Some desserts are so loaded with calories and fat that the health implications associated with them take all the joy out of eating them.

But this is not the case with Bellas Italian ices. These frozen desserts are fat-free and are yours to truly enjoy – minus the guilt. We serve the best Italian ices in the entire Bayville, NJ area. Just ask any of our loyal customers and they will tell you that our ices are so good, you’ll find yourself wanting more and more!

We constantly come up with new flavors to provide variety to our repeat customers. While we do offer all the basic flavors, we also have out-of-this-world options that are sure to leave a great taste in your mouth and have you salivating for more. Some of our specialty flavors include margarita, coconut cream, Swedish Fish, piña colada, root beer, and pineapple.

We believe in the quality of our products. We guarantee the best Italian ices made every single day using only the freshest ingredients – real fruits and real fruit juice. At Bellas, we value customer satisfaction and product quality over profit. Our love for our customers is what sets Bellas apart from the competition.

Celebrate moments and make new memories with loved ones at Bellas.People from all walks of life converge at Bellas every day to enjoy our delicious Italian ices. Visit us and you are sure to feel right at home. Give in to your cravings for a delicious frozen treat and drop by Bellas today!